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The Management Team brings a diverse mix of essential skills necessary in development of a successful company. Heading up operations are Group Z’s owners who are alike, yet very different. ‘Alike’ in their core beliefs and philosophies, they share a common vision for the development of the company. ‘Different’ in professional experience and the complementary strengths they each bring to the team. 

Anthie Zairis
Founder / President / CEO

Anthie Zairis is Founder, President and CEO of Group Z, Inc. She has been providing strategic leadership to the company since its inception in 2001. Through insights from her prior ownership of a successful IT company and her strong background in finance and accounting, she has guided Group Z over the past decade into becoming a well-respected IT service provider. 

Nora Presti

Vice President / COO

Nora Presti, Vice President, COO and co-owner, came on board in early 2002. Her prior experience as a developer and implementation consultant provided the foundation of her IT expertise. With strengths in the areas of technology and administration, she has assisted in developing the technical direction of the company as well as administering the day-to-day operations. 

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